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What a Full Car Detail Consists Of

If you are looking to get your car detailed in Jacksonville, FL., you may come across services that offer a full car detail. You may then wonder what this is. Detailing services are often broke up into two different categories; interior and exterior car detailing. A full car detail combines both of these types of detailing services to get your car as clean as possible on both the interior and exterior. Full car detailing typically consists of washing the exterior of your car and waxing and polishing it so that it shines. The interior is deep cleaned to remove dirt, dust, stains, grime and any lingering scents. Detailing can keep your car looking as new as possible or get it back to a clean state when it is overly dirty. Are you looking to allow your car to sparkle because it is so clean? Book an appointment with Watch It Sparkle Mobile Detailing LLC.